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Mike Wasserberg

Mike began his journey in the world of logistics at the age of 23. His first job was at a warehouse in California where he was part of the manual labor team. He quickly climbed the ladder and stepped into the world of management. At the age of 28, Mike then decided it was time to delve into sales and began working for an airfreight forwarder. Mike was successful in closing many deals and bringing new clients onboard. It was now time to start his own company! Excited yet scared, Mike jumped into the water and true to his nature as an avid scuba-diver, he began to swim. Mike formed Woodmere CHB in 1999 and has been operating it since very successfully.

Mike became a licensed customs broker in 2008 and further expanded his scope of operations. Mike holds a B.A in Economics from the University of Ben Gurion. Mike has a wife and three children and resides in CA. His favorite hobbies are, Scuba- diving, camping and traveling with his family.


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